Since 2009

Jill Card opened Jeans and a Cute Top after years of working in retail and corporate sales jobs, wearing boring suits, uncomfortable panty hose, and predictable white dress shirts. The name was inspired by her first date with her husband when she asked, “What should I wear?” and her husband replied: “Jeans and a cute top.” When Jill was getting ready for that first date, she didn’t have a great pair of jeans or a cute top in her closet and had to borrow an outfit from her sister, a flight attendant with a much more fun wardrobe. As she got older, Jill couldn’t find any great jeans for women in their 30s and 40s. Stores catered to teenagers or grandmas. The unflattering Mom jeans filled in that age gap. Now, in Jill’s closet, you’ll find about 40 pairs of jeans. She has 8-10 pairs in regular rotation. Her go-to, favorite pair is the Gia from Liverpool—the denim is super soft and keeps its shape. Jeans & A Cute Top is the solution for women who don’t want to look ridiculous trying to dress like their daughters but also refuse to settle for shapeless lounge wear. Jill hand selects every item in the store, going to trade shows looking for style over trend and finding affordable, beautiful clothes that work for all women, not just size 0 models. You will find Jill working the floor of one of her shops every day—she is committed to changing the world for women one great fitting pair of jeans at a time.

Jill Card


“I see so many women look in the mirror and see something that isn’t there, or at least something that no one else sees. They obsess over their shape and are hyper-critical of their bodies: too big or too small or too curvy or too saggy! I love when I can help women find that magic combination that accentuates their best qualities. The right fit. The right color. The right proportions. The right silhouette.”—Jill Card

Brick and Morter Beginnings

We began our boutique journey over 12 years ago at our flagship boutique in Wheaton which now also offers an upscale resale shop. Our St. Charles boutique is in the downtown historical district near the riverwalk the perfect way to spend the day. Visit us for a custom style consultation.