Upscale Resale

Our Wheaton boutique has a resale section that we call The Closet. If you’d like to sell back pre-loved boutique clothing, shoes, and handbags, we offer $5 of Closet Cash in store credit towards new purchases. We buy back clothes that are less than three years old and still look brand new. If you have been inspired by Marie Kondo to tidy up your closet, trade in your old style for a wardrobe refresh. The Closet provides customers with upscale bargains and we also donate a lot of these items to women in our community. Give back, style up.

Here’s how it works

KonMari Your Closet
Tidy up & make room
for a wardrobe refresh.
Trade for Closet $

Exchange like-new items for $5 CLOSET CASH.

Style Upgrade
Spend your Closet Cash on a new look.

Naomi’s House

We are happy to share The Closet with the beautiful women of Naomi’s House and dress them for success. Naomi’s House is a local organization helping women who have suffered from commercial sexual exploitation start a new life.